Bridge Decks and Guard Rails

In the near future, AS Composite Inc. bridge decks will be installed on Quebec bridges!

Bridge Decks

AS Composite Inc. has developed an innovative system of all-composite bridge deck slab in collaboration with the Ministère de Transport du Québec (MTQ), National Research Council Canada and the University of Sherbrooke. This deck slab targets the replacement of timber slab widely used in thousands of short span bridges across Canada. Thanks to its durability, lightweight, easy and rapid installation, recyclability and environmentally-friendly properties, this type of deck slab is the solution for the increasing demand for bridge repair and replacement in North America. (According to Institute of Research in Construction IRC, 40% of Canadian bridges are in need of repair).

AS Bridge deck article

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Guard Rails

The R&D team of our company is currently working on an Integrated Guard Rail system for AS Composite all-composite bridges. Thanks to the elasticity and high strength of the thermoplastics in cold weather, this type of guardrail is capable of supporting impact forces, even in very cold winters. In the case of an accident, the elasticity of the rail enables it to absorb a large portion of the impact force, avoiding serious car damages and passenger injuries. The guard rail is fabricated in a continuous form using our innovative roll-forming machine.