The first all- composite house made with AS Composite Panels was sold in United States!

AS Composite Inc. has developed an innovative-patented structural panel for use in the home construction industry. AS Composite initiated this first of its kind house at the ThinkTec 2005 Conference for Homeland Security, held at Patriot's Point in South Carolina in December 2005. The prototype house was erected in three days by a crew of four and then disassembled and moved to its new location in two days. That's right, it sold right away!

These types of panels are used in roofs, walls, floors, and partitions, with slight individual variations to satisfy specific requirements such as fire resistance, strength and heat and sound insulation. The panels have the following benefits:

Les panneaux de construction AS offrent les avantages suivantes :

  • Lower fabrication costs
  • High strength
  • Weather resilience
  • Design versatility
  • Construction ease (lightweight)
  • Rust proof
  • Resistance to fungus/mold growth
  • Excellent temperature and sound insulation

The panel dimensions can be up to 10 feet wide, 4-inch thick and in unlimited lengths. Thanks to its automated process, AS Composite Inc. is able to fabricate these construction panels rapidly and virtually in any length. A fully completed house shell can be erected in less than one workday.

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